While many designers create the hottest looks to die for, sometimes they themselves aren't as sexy as their seasonal goods–an irony often lost on most shoppers eager to replicate their favorite celebrity "it" girl. Well, back in his day, fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld could have sold a paper bag hat to the masses with his dusky looks and muscular build alone. Yet, looking at Lagerfeld today, one wouldn't be able to tell. Thanks to a new book, however, the biography of the late celebrated fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez, Lagerfeld has been restored to all of his glory via rarely seen photos from the '70s of the former bodybuilder lounging beach side and gallivanting with the fabulous Lopez. 

Mauricio Padilha and Roger Padilha (Rizzoli), the authors behind the The Antonio Lopez Book — which is set to hit shelves in September — have been releasing several photos for the book on Facebook, most likely building a marketing buzz for those devoted fashion followers. Other fashion icons included in the biography and the photos released on Facebook are Halston, Liza Minnelli, Bill Cunningham, and Tommy Hilfiger. Some may be thinking that they want that old thing back, but while Lagerfeld may have lost his divinely sculpted figure (as well as a filter for his controversial mouth,) he certainly hasn't lost his creative eye for style.