As fleeting as celebrity romance may seem, young Black love still warms our hearts and has us hoping it lasts forever (or at least through a few good photo ops). British pop star Jason Derulo and American Idol winner Jordin Sparks have officially confirmed that they are in fact an item. Like a true keeper, Sparks has been caring for her new man who fractured his neck performing a dangerous dance stunt three weeks ago during a tour rehearsal.

“We are together," Derulo revealed in a magazine interview. "She lives in Phoenix and she comes [to Miami] and takes care of me, brings me breakfast in bed and she’ll go on walks with me. We’ve gotten closer because of my accident. It’s awesome to have someone you can talk to and she’s a wonderful person.”

Being in love is a beautiful thing, but if we've learned anything from young celebrity couples of the past, it's that fame and celebrity often comes with the sacrifice of long-lasting, romantic relationships. Yet, one couple's mistakes are another couple's lessons, so here's to Jason and Jordin, the new love on the block.

Do you think Jason and Jordin will last? Or will the pressures of the industry quickly tear them apart?