Get primped and pretty for your exciting getaway in these 7 easy steps! 

Get a Manicure and Pedicure

If you’re visiting a touristy area, say a major city like New York, chances are the prices to get a manicure and pedicure will be higher. It may be best to get your mani and pedi done before you leave for your getaway.

Wax/Shave/Remove Unwanted Hair

Getting your waxes and/or hair removal procedures should be done at least three days in advance to avoid redness and irritation visibility.

Get Your Eyebrows Shaped

This should be done at least two days in advance, even if you’re into threading. Again, the days in between will allow any redness to subside before your vacay.

Get a Facial (or Do Your Own)

You want to arrive fresh faced and glowing. Invest in a facial that will deep clean your pores and remove impurities and dead skin cells. If you don’t have the funds, try one at home. First, clean your face and pat semi-dry. Then, pour steaming water into a bowl; take a clean cloth dipped in the water and place on your face for about 10 minutes. Next, take the cloth and gently squeeze out any blackheads that may come to a head. After that, apply a hydrating mask and leave it on as directions advise. Rinse, and exfoliate with a good moisturizing scrub, and complete your facial with a hydrating face lotion. Simple and easy!

Exfoliate Your Body

Do this the night before you leave or the morning of if you have time. Your skin will be stunning!

Pick Your Hairstyle 

Choose something simple that will require low maintenance. If you can get it done (or do it yourself) the night before you leave, perfect. Whatever you do, choose a style that is simple and easy for you to touch up on your vacation.

Decide on Your Beauty "Look," and Pack the Essentials Accordingly

Makeup wise, that is. This will help you determine what makeup to take and what to leave behind. It may not seem like it, but makeup bottles (like foundations, creams, polishes, etc.) can take up space in your travel bag. It could be best to think of a look you want to go for, whether it’s a natural dewy face for the beach or extreme glam for the city. Invest in a multi-purpose palette that includes a few shadows in one, or comes with liners and glosses. The purpose is to travel light, even with beauty!

Melanie Yvette Martin