Aries (March 21st to April 19th)
Be prepared to feel more at homey, comfy, and creative.
You’re about to enter a “home” period. You won’t necessarily become a homebody, but you could develop a heightened need for comfort and connection with important people in your life, such as your family or the friends you consider family. You can thank Venus wading into Cancer on Friday for that. You may thrive on feeling nurtured by food or from relaxing treatments while also giving extra TLC to others as well. Your spirit is craving for more comfort too, but this may last longer than a few weeks. Jupiter roars into Leo on Wednesday and this will likely bring a creative (and procreative) surge into your life. The surge should last a year, off and on, and during it, you’ll likely find it easier to move beyond creative blocks. Jupiter could also help cast off any romantic dry spells you’ve been having.

Taurus (April 20th to May 21st)
Home and emotional arenas become where the action and growth are.
With Venus, your planetary patron, and Jupiter changing Zodiac lanes this week, there’s every reason to think that some dust will begin to settle this week. Venus goes into Cancer and that bodes well for implementing the communication upgrades you made recently. This is about more than tech readiness, however. You have real opportunities to bond with neighbors, siblings, and other people in your family. You’re cultivating a readiness to be more emotionally accessible than you are normally. With Jupiter bounding into Leo on Wednesday, your focus shifts to nurturing and protecting the things and people who keep you grounded at home. Over the next year, you may either seek to expand your home base with remodeling, moving, or adding new people. You might also be contending with children at home who are going through serious physical and emotional growing pains.

Gemini  (May 21st to June 20th)
Planetary shifts bring fresher and improved financial and mental outlooks.
As Venus moves out of your sign this week and into a moneyed section of your chart, she should help rebuild your finances if they’ve been in disarray or firm them up if you’ve been coasting along. The big news is how Jupiter enters Leo to improve your prospects related to travel, learning and who’s in your “rolodex.” For the next year, Jupiter will expand these arenas of life with you. He will require your boldness to push open doors in these areas to make good on this promising line up. Taking a short trip or getting out to explore your neighborhood, or one you’d like to be yours, could be an auspicious way to start tapping into the rich prospects of this heavenly passage.

Cancer  (June 21st to July 21st)
Just before your birthday season closes, things start to look rosier and more beautiful—inside and out.
You should be coming up on a good week, whether your actual birthday happens this week or not. Venus starts soaking in Cancer on Friday, so that’s an excellent time to beautify you and your surroundings. You could play around with a cosmetic makeover or you could push your fashion sense up a notch. When Venus appears in your sign, it’s generally a blessed time to honor your own attraction power for who and what you want in your life. It becomes easier to make connections. The other piece of good news is that Jupiter roars into Leo, the part of your personal “zodiac lounge” that deals with money. This doesn’t mean that you will definitely hit the lottery this week. However, his passage into that sign does suggest that your financial prospects and outlook will improve over the next year.

Leo  (July 22nd to August 21st)
Acknowledging the specialness of life will help Jupiter bring gusto in your life as he rises in your sign now.
We’re about a week from your birthday season, and perhaps you’re having trouble getting psyched for it all. It’s likely been a hard year for you. However, jolly and generous Jupiter moves into your sign this week, and that’s bound to boost your spirits and prospects. Jupiter lifts our minds, ennobles people and situations, and ripens enthusiasm within us. You don’t have to fake the enthusiasm, if you’re not feeling it, however. For your, Leo, you only have to start with your nearly insatiable belief in the specialness of life, whether it’s your own or what’s around you. Yeah, the Sun does shine on all, but when the rays are on your face, you relish in feeling that it’s shining just for you. That’s how enthusiasm starts. Let that sense of specialness be the sail you hoist up for Jupiter to come around and bring some wind. You only have to decide in which direction you’re going to move forward.

Virgo (August 22nd to September 21st)
You find it easier to connect with others, but you’re seeking to slake a new thirst.
The Cosmos appears more than willing to supply some celestial social lubricant for you when it comes to dealing with groups or a team. Venus the Charmer goes into Cancer this week, and she may be just the thing you need to smooth the furrowed tensions you may have been having with others, especially if it’s been in the workplace. Jupiter also shifts signs this week and pounces into Leo, where he’ll stay for the next year. You may find that you have a thirst for greater spiritual or philosophical understanding of yourself and others. This might manifest by perusing and poring over books that you normally wouldn’t read. On the other hand, the next few weeks may also be a good time to review books you have read with fresher eyes since they could speak deeper to you now than they have in the past.

Libra (September 22nd to October 21st)
Shifts from Venus and Jupiter let you offer peace branches to folks to build up your network.
Last week, you had to stake your ground and let folks know you mean business, even if that meant that you had to wage “war” with those who didn’t respect your boundaries. This week, the Cosmos offers a soothing balm when Venus crosses into Cancer’s waters. You may find it easier to work your patron planet, Venus, with more charm and grace than you have in recent months. Likewise, with Jupiter heading into Leo for the next year, this promises to be an excellent time to attend professional mixers, conferences or other networking events that help you build your net worth through networking. Toward the weekend, however, your energy levels could be higher than the people around you, prompting your impatience if they’re not as energized as you. Exercising or doing demanding housework will help, but don’t overwork.

Scorpio (October 22nd to November 21st)
Jupiter’s yearlong entry into Leo helps you soar and set your sights high, but don’t get cocky.
There are actually several creatures, besides the actual scorpion, that have been used to symbolize your sign. There’s the snake, wolf, dove, eagle and Phoenix. This week you may feel keenly in touch with the dove, eagle, and Phoenix who can soar and rise above it all. However, transcendence is always tricky business; there’s always the risk of flying too close to the Sun. When Jupiter starts his yearlong journey through Leo on Wednesday, you, too, may feel like you should fly above it all, especially when it comes to your career and work life. Set your aims high, but don’t promise more than you can deliver, especially to yourself. It’s one thing to go from the stock room to the cashier’s drawer in short order, but a wholly different thing to expect to land up in the boardroom quickly. Of course, it does happen, but, stick to getting to one level of altitude at a time.

Sagittarius (November 22nd to December 21st)
Time to get back to thinking big. Money and energy spent in building up connections will soon prove encouraging and raise expectations for what comes next.
You may have to fork over extra time or cash to maintain an important business or romantic relationship, but it will be well worth the investment. It’s a good time to remember that your network is part of your net worth, and you have good reason to think about your net worth now. Jupiter, your sign’s patron planet, changes sign this Wednesday into Leo. It’s definitely time for you to think big, especially when it comes to your education, long-distance travel and how you think about life in general. You may step into a new venture with high expectations and encouraging initial results. In a word, you’re likely to feel more encouraged than you’ve felt in a long time. Use that encouragement to share inspiration with others and to take an intrepid risk yourself.

Capricorn (December 22nd to January 20th)
Staying supple, in spirit and deed, will help you build stronger links with significant others.
Venus wades into touchy Cancer this week, and it’s bound to get you more into your feels than you’re prepared to welcome. Don’t rush to undo the capriciousness you cultivated last week in order to fast track your grind. Now is a great time to give more attention to relationships. If you’re not boo’d up, then invest more in how you look to punch up your attraction factor. If you’re already going steady, then it’s also good to keep a sharp looking appearance; but the real work comes with seeking to know your partner intimately. This is less sexier than it sounds, but no less rewarding. This is more about a deeper, emotional bonding than physical bonding. But, hey, the physical bonding can’t hurt! Stay supple.

Aquarius (January 21st to February 18th)
Repairing recent breaches in trust or morale will be a worthy priority to set this week.
You can begin to mend any breaches of trust and morale at your job with co-workers, customers or clients this week. If you’re someone who’s in charge at work, when Venus goes into Cancer on Friday, you could take the initiative to get people talking about their feelings with each other or facilitate trust and bonding exercises. Alternatively, you might think to implement a casual day. However, you do it, you want to get people into their feelings and comfortable to forge stronger connections. This is true in your own personal life as well, but for a longer period and a different astrological reason. Jupiter goes into Leo on Wednesday and will stay in that sign for over a year. A business or romantic partner could step up to the plate to offer practical assistance and encouragement. Your one job is to stay open, but don’t attempt to do too much at once.

Pisces (February 19th to March 20th)  
You feel expansive when it comes to anything that improves you, but you may be more guarded about your private pleasures.
You could feel an odd combination of feeling expansive and reclusive. The expansiveness likely comes from Jupiter’s shift from Cancer into Leo on Wednesday. As your patron planet, Jupiter shifts have more an impact on your overall mood and outlook. Considering this shift happens in your part of the “zodiac lounge” that deals with work and maintenance, you may feel a need to step up your work efforts or to make improvements in how you keep up your health. The important thing when Jupiter’s involved is not to overdo it. The reclusive part of your cocktail of feelings comes from Venus entering Cancer on Friday. However, this reclusiveness is more about protecting your pleasures and being comfortable than necessarily feeling antisocial. It all depends on how and where you like to have your fun. You’ll happily join a throng of beachgoers if the sea is where you want to be, for example.

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