In this competitive environment, even small advantages can make a big impact on how quickly you advance in your career. And simplifying money management using efficient technology will eliminate some items from your to-do list while you build a solid financial future. Start today with these apps, books and websites:


Looking for a digital file cabinet for your household bills? Try the Doxo app and watch your organizational worries disappear. All your documents, log-ins, emails and account numbers are stored in one place with this app. You can pay your electric, water or cable bills and keep up with customer support info without messy piles of paper in your home. The apps and website offer methods for storing personal data such as life insurance cards and driver’s license information. National and regional service providers connect with consumers so bills are paid on time—no stamps needed.


Looking for a new opportunity? Good Job tracks your entire job search—from where you’ve applied to the many contacts you’ve established. The app organizes your process, keeps notes on how the interview went and compiles a log of follow-up emails and thank-you notes that were sent (or ones that still need to be done). Plus, the dashboard allows you to prioritize your tasks simply, and you can store log-in information for the myriad job search sites you’re likely signed up for.

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