The holiday season is always the most exciting time for all things beauty. Whether you’re adding an extra coat of Ruby Woo for spicy red lips, or matchmaking an up do from your favorite celeb, there is one word that usually sums up the end of the season: opulence.

But the excitement doesn’t have to end with Christmas. In fact, for beauty expert Tai Beauchamp, the beauty party begins with our end. While we’re obsessing over the holidays’ glamorous appeal, she’s already revamping her beauty routine for the New Year. We caught up with the fabulous maven to share her budget-friendly tips on how to spice up your look for the New Year, as well as the must-try products of the season!

EBONY: What are the fun and easy ways you can spice up your beauty routine in the New Year?

Tai Beauchamp: One thing I’ve started to do is nail art. Just being creative on your nails. I was that person who, for five years, wore either red or a deep maroon color. I’ve been pretty conservative with my nails. But for the last month or so, I’ve said that nails were going to be the way that I let out my inner rock star. I think it’s something that women of all ages can do. So if you’re a college student, or a mom or grandmother, that can be your place to really go wild and funk it up for the New Year.

Tip: Try a spicy color or do nail art. You can also change your nail shape. Even if you’re in a more corporate environment, you can kind of get a pass with your nails. 

Click here to see Tai’s must try products for the New Year!

EBONY: What colors are the “must try” of the New Year, in your opinion?

TB: For the lips, the deeper, more rich wine colors had a good fresh take for holidays and will for the New Year as well. It’s a throwback to old-school glamour. It’s very expressionary.

For the eyes: Lashes should be super poppy. Loads and loads and loads of mascara! Make it tasteful and pretty, but I think lashes really go the distance. Find the best mascara for you that will lengthen your lashes.

Tip: If you’re a little bit more conservative, try a navy liner or rich blue along the lower lash line for an added pop around the eyes.

EBONY: What’s on your list for “must try” products this year?

TB: One of the things I try to do every New Year is try a new fragrance. Right now, I really love Bond No. 9. For skin, I’m into the Olay Pro X Clear Kit. I’m telling you, I’m in my 30s and I just started breaking out, out of nowhere! Our skin changes and often times we don’t change the skin regimen. But this kit has your cleanser, moisturizer and treatment product in it. And it’s also that facial brush cleanser that you can use. As you go into the New Year, you want to find things that are effective.

Because I love nails, I really like the Julep nails packs. For the ultimate beauty makeover, try a spinning class Soul Cycle. I gave a few certificates for the holiday; they are amazing. Every woman has to go. These are treats that are for you, but also that you can share with others. I really think the ultimate beauty is the beauty that gives.