The last time anyone heard from YouTube star Antoine Dodson, it was when he was being charged for marijuana possession in Huntsville, Alabama. But the “hide your kids, hide your wife” viral sensation is now working on his own album, 2012 AD, and this week finds his first single, Lovesick Lullaby”, hitting the World Wide Web.


According to TIME, the song is a homegrown collaboration between Dodson and Athens, Alabama-based musician Brent Morgan. Apparently, Morgan attempted to release the track twice before, once in 2010 and once more in 2011, without Dodson, but the video didn’t spark any hype. With Dodson’s auto-tuned vocals supporting the track, the video, which launched on his personal YouTube channel, has already received 160,000 views in a matter of days.

Can we blame Antoine Dodson for trying to extend his 15 seconds of fame? Is “Lovesick Lullaby” any worse then half the songs on the radio anyway?