Canadian YouTube star Nicole Arbour is being slammed for “whitewashing” Donald Glover’s This is Americaa video that tackles prejudice, police brutality and violence against Black people.

Arbour co-opted Glover’s viral visual to present a feminist version that offers ideas about equal pay, sexual liberation and equal rights. However, the tone-deaf video, which like Glover’s takes place in a warehouse, also presents images of violence against women of color. In one scene a woman of color, who is breastfeeding her child, is snatched up by the police. Then in another, a young woman of color is roofied to make a point about rape culture. The comedian failed to realize how her version adds to the conversation about feminism often neglecting the struggles of Black women and women of color in general. Her privilege also allowed her to miss the point(s) made in Glover’s video which references minstrel shows, Jim Crow and the idea that guns have more rights in America than Black bodies.

“I hope people won’t take this the wrong way,” Arbour said in the video. “They probably will, but f*** it I tend to offend people, I’m dealing.”

This isn’t the first time on of Arbour’s videos has drawn in controversial reviews. In 2015 she shared Dear Fat People where she was accused of fat-shaming resulting in the clip being removed from YouTube temporarily, according to CNN.