It seems like just yesterday that Zaya Wade was making her runway debut at the Miu Miu Fall 23 show in Paris. Now she's officially a Miu Miu girl, starring in their latest Fall 23 campaign.

The youth of today are standing in who they are and not taking no for an answer. Zaya has the courage and family dynamic that many of us wish we had growing up. It's one thing to admit who you are to yourself and another to do it publicly to the world, let alone your loved ones. The young model has the support all LGBTQ+ children need as they step into a new journey of self-discovery. We here at EBONY are excited to be on this journey with the Wades and hope that their story can inspire others.

As for the images in this campaign, according to the brand, they occupy a place between real-time and time to come, between transient, democratic spaces in shades of gray—an airport, a TV studio and the notion of movement everywhere and nowhere. The characters who inhabit this world are both outward and inward-looking.

Below, check out Zaya Wade serving the girls in her latest Miu Miu campaign. We definitely expect to see more of her in the near future.


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