In an appeal filed Tuesday, George Zimmerman stated that he fears Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester is biased against him and he wants a new judge to handle his case. Zimmerman cited Lester's July order granting him a second bond in which the judge said he "flouted" the system by misleading the court about how much money he had available during a previous bail hearing. George and his wife Shellie had raised at least $135,000 in donations to a website set up for his legal defense.

The second bail was set at $1 million, yet Zimmerman is more fearful that Lester might not believe his account of what happened at a "Stand Your Ground" hearing. If the judge does agree with the defendant, then criminal charges are dropped and civil lawsuits cannot be pursued. If the judge disagrees, then the case goes to a jury trial. The appeal, which was filed with the 5th District Court of Appeal in Daytona Beach, will delay all proceedings in Zimmerman's case until that court decides whether or not to hear the appeal.