Aquarius [January 21st to February 18th]

#MeTime:  It’s seems that you found the person or activity you needed in November to get you feeling more like your “funky good” self again. You might also appear to be like the fabled picture of the aloof Aquarian because you’ll find it hard to take people’s nonsense and high dramatics seriously.

#Heartstrings: But aloof doesn’t mean that you’re cold. This month you’re probably more of a social butterfly than you have been in months, and it’s not because of the holidays. You’re ready to put 2012 on the cosmic shelf and embrace a new year with new possibilities. You definitely get a charge out of that and you’re ready to share some cheer, especially loved ones.

#MoneyMoves: Toward the latter half of the month, you may take your “sociability” and create excellent opportunities to shore up your support system for future goals. This includes networking and team building.

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