If there’s one sign that’s up on all the changes happening in the world, it’s Aquarius, whom I affectionately call “Aquaboogie.” I call y’all that because you know how to get the party started right and keep it poppin’. It doesn’t matter if the “party” is a small gathering of your crew at your favorite spot or if you’re movin’ the crowd like Aquarius Rakim by organizing a rally or protest.  You march to the sound of your own “drum of integrity” and want other folks to march to theirs.  (You’re the sign of “Do you…All Day!”)  The problem is that for over a decade your sign has been attempting to focus on hearing that drum of integrity clearly without getting caught up with other people’s noises. This is Neptune’s handiwork. It’s almost as if you turned down your own volume, and now you have trouble hearing your own inner (and perhaps outer) voice.  Well, finally, Neptune is about to shuffle herself off into Pisces..for a good long time. (She was there last year for a bit and then she retrograded into your sign. Now she’s leavin’ for the next 165 years or so. Yay!  And yeah, I call Neptune a her, because that’s how she seems to me. Of course, you can get with that, though.)  This is huge! because that means you’re probably gonna be cranking up the noise during the year and a lot of people may not be ready for the new (but old) high-def sound that comes with that, including the static.  In fact, you might get a little overwhelmed by the static, especially when it may come to your finances.  But we’ll get to the when in a lil bit.  Overall, this year lifts some of the soft haze you’ve been in for many years and you’re gonna come on strong.


With the planet of harmony and beauty, Venus, getting charged up by the planet of mirth and merriment, Jupiter, this year jumps off with you being a busier and perhaps a little more social than usual.  It’s a good time to be around the people who inspire you, feel you, get you and hear you. This time with your intimate circle will also be a great way to recalibrate your new high-def voice as Neptune leaves your sign around your birthday.  Again, allow some room for them and you to adjust to the clarity ringing true from you. You also feel a bit more like the humanitarian you are by doing charitable work or giving to your favorite charity. There’s a lot of decompressing and releasing you need to do now, so it’s good that you can kick off  the year off with an active social calendar.


As Neptune moves deeper into Pisces, it can make your money funny. At first, you won’t be laughing with her as there’s a necessary adjustment to her being in that sector of your life.  So don’t go overboard with the charitable giving or the socially conscious investment scheme that your eco-friendly buddy has thought up. I’m not sayin’ that you can’t be put your money where your ideals are, but you have to use a fair amount of common sense, some research and getting in touch with that inner voice we’ve been talking about.  With Uranus flickering brightly with passion in Aries,  you want to avoid being impulsive. Don’t speak or act on things that you can’t cash out with commitment and full energy.


Your summer is likely to be the opposite of your winter in a lot of ways.  You may find it hard to feel or stay close to those who pull your heartstrings most as work could be rather demanding, perhaps even with some power plays in the office. You also feel others to be a little more sensitive than usual and you may just not feel like tip-toeing around people slinging their feelings on their sleeves. This won’t be the time to detach from it all, though. Let people know how you feel rather than clamming up.  Be as kind as possible while letting your feelings be known, but realize that you can’t be responsible for everyone’s feelings.


By this time, you’ll definitely feel more like your old, old self, but don’t forget to keep some of the flexibility and empathy you’ve been learning over the last decade while Neptune’s been in your sign.  Now you may feel like you have to make up for “lost time” with a vengeance.  That last word was jarring, right? Vengeance isn’t usually associated with your sign, but as Saturn launches into Scorpio, you may face the temptation to redeem the past by taking a toll on others.  Of course, that’s never your default setting, so it’s important not to lose your head and get caught up thinking about the past, especially as it concerns lovers.  You are the royalty of “live and let live.” Don’t ever forget that, especially now. You’ll make do. You always do!

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