Aquarius [January 21st to February 18th]

#MeTime:  It’s great that you’re on your A-game with your work and career, but don’t let that come to rule your whole life.  After the 18th, you may find it easier to lighten up. (And you need to lighten up.) You might start with finding something or someone who makes you laugh.

#Heartstrings: Connecting with your peeps, particularly your friends, around Thanksgiving Day, may be just the thing that helps you get your mind right. Talking to like-minded people will help affirm who you are while quieting some of the gnawing feelings of isolation you might have.

#MoneyMoves: When it comes to work, momentum’s on your side, but perhaps your boss or a hard-to-please client/customer isn’t. As Mercury retrogrades on the 6th, this may require a little more diplomatic finesse than you’d like to assemble.  Stay consistent and simple with your message. Progress should be easier to come by after the 26th.

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