Aquarius [January 21st to February 18th]

#MeTime:  Frederick Douglass, a notable Aquarian former slave-cum-statesman, once said, “Power concedes nothing without a demand.” It’s time for you to get more of the power you’ve earned, Aquaboogie. So you may have to start making some demands this month.

#Heartstrings: Of course, if we’re talking about you making demands, it means that you may be shaking up some of the status quo that you normally experience with folks. So it’s okay if you make changes in increments rather than changing the volume full out again. You might remember you faced a similar issue last February.

#MoneyMoves: With Saturn going into Scorpio, you might be more sensitive to power and authority issues than usual.  You want power that’s backed up with purpose and integrity, both in yourself and with others.  If someone can’t get with that program, then you have a hard time being able to get with him or her. This might pose some problems if you’re in a job where you have to answer to someone not acting with purpose or integrity.

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