Aquarius (January 21st to February 18th)

This week’s full moon marks the near completion of the Water-bearer’s season. This may quickly bring more reflective questions about the kind of spiritual and mental waters you’re dispensing and drinking.  It’s believed that the glyph of running water used as a symbol for Aquarius is based on the Nile. In ancient Egypt, the Nile’s flooding left devastation in its wake, but it was a necessary evil to keep the land fertile. This season has been a time of facing your access to the darker or unsightly aspects of yourself in order to renew yourself. Perhaps you did this as easily and simply as spending a full day at a spa, shedding dead skin and working out kinks in muscles. But most likely you had to leave behind something more serious like a sense of yourself or a way of life. This full moon is celestial recognition that this is okay and it’s safe to move on.

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