Aquarius (January 21st to February 18th)
Last week it was time to re-stock your mind, and this week will be how well you’ve absorbed what you’ve learned. Slowly life is drawing you out of yourself and back into fray, despite your resistance or wholesale avoidance.  Start off with getting your feet wet with friends or reconnecting with colleagues rather than attempting to do too much, especially around the office.  You’re more in “quiz mode” to see where you are with all the lessons you’ve learned rather than full-on midterm readiness. You might still feel a bit shell-shocked from the battling you’ve done periodically over this year, and you have good reason to intuit that things are getting hot again. Your intuition isn’t off with the timing, but things won’t be as severe as you suspect, especially over the course of the next month. You also want to start off slow because your finances may get a tricky, with blind spots and surprise expenses.

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