Aquarius (January 21st to February 18th)
What’s interesting about your sign is that you’re definitely one of the signs of Will, meaning that when you put “your hand to the plow” no one can make furrows deeper than yours. But it’s getting your hand to only one plow that’s often the chal-lenge. You attempt to broaden your scope and those of others, helping them to con-sider options. But you’re going to have to narrow your options at the top of the week. Fortunately, the narrowing will help broaden and fuel your desire.  The celes-tial ballroom stare-down between Jupiter and Venus later in the week is great for stoking pheromones and dopamine, to raise your pleasure and sex appeal levels.  But you’ll also feel hungry, maybe even literally, for more. Of course, don’t get greedy; but pushing your desire a notch will also prompt you to narrow more op-tions, almost by necessity.

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