Aquarius (January 21st to February 18th)

The image for Aquarius is an open face lifted toward the light, with a shadier crescent cupping the edge of the eyes down to the slope of the chin that’s not as well lit. The lighter part of this image and your nature is literally what enables people to treat you as a bosom buddy. You’re the original homeboy or homegirl, daring enough to be original, but not too far out to seem too stuck on yourself. Yet there’s that shadier crescent. As we approach the last week before your season, you and others may see a bit more of that shadier crescent. You may not like that because there is an aspect of yourself that is vainer than you’d like to admit. But you don’t have to fear or feel ashamed of that crescent. It’s really what frames and anchors how you’re drawn to the light.

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