Aquarius (January 21st to February 18th)

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, one of your greatest strengths is also one of your greatest weaknesses: your vision.  What you do with your vision is attempt to broaden the minds and vision of others.  Some may see as you do, but many won’t. You’ve learned to develop a thick skin, and even a thick head, to push ahead. The weakness crops up when you continue to push on those who are no longer willing.  When you do that, you’ve become a bully.  You have to remember why you’re offer-ing your vision in the first place. Often it’s to make room for a voice that’s often not heard or a scope of human understanding that’s underappreciated, whether it’s your own or not. This is also when must have the graciousness to allow for all voices, even those who stubbornly rally against your voice as you rally for others.

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