AQUARIUS (January 21st to February 18th)


#MeTime: You gotta find some place to hear yourself think. As Neptune, the other-worldly whisperer of dreams and visions, prepares to leave your sign for the next 165 years, it’s important that you can reflect on hearing your own unique inner voice. Otherwise, you can’t be the helpful local humanitarian/solid friend for others if you can’t be there for yourself. So scale by your work and social calendar and get attuned to you.  It doesn’t matter if the space you have listen in on you is a bubble bath or an early morning commute alone in your car. Get it in, please.

#Heartstrings:  You need more private time, especially with close intimates now. A lot of people confuse the #Aquaboogie need for privacy with detachment, understanding neither thing, in my opinion. Maybe you’re even having trouble figuring out the difference yourself.  Detachment implies that you don’t care or have no particular attachment to what’s happening. That’s often not the case with you, despite appearances to the contrary. You often are more “guarded” about maintaining the integrity of your own boundaries, as you may be spread too thin or fear your public life will drown out your intimate life.  You care. A lot. Let others know that, but don’t let them dictate how you should show how much you care.

#MoneyMoves: Investing in your comfort is important now, as long as you don’t go overboard.  You don’t have to get a custom expensive recliner if all you want is a comfy chair; but give some love to the place where you spend a lot of time recharging your batteries or connecting with your peeps. Overall, although you’re on your grind with work, give some time and money for “re-creation.” It’s not just for fun. It’ll give you life.