Aquarius [Jan 21st to Feb 18th]

#MeTime: You’re more in full flow mode at the top of the week, then at the end so take advantage of it.  Generally you feel good about yourself and clearer about what’s important to you now.  With Neptune’s edge now officially off your sign, you feel like your stepping out of the shadows of yourself and into a brighter place.  As the week gets long, you might crave for a lil more of that shadow back as you’re still getting your grounding.  Reserve some quiet time for yourself with some of the clearing space you’ve been creating at home.


#Heartstrings:  Solidify your plans earlier in the week, if you can. As Mercury, the messenger planet, leaves your sign midweek and staggers into Pisces, you may have some trouble figuring out where folks are coming from.  It doesn’t help matters that as soon as he gets into Pisces, he falls into the arms of Neptune, the planet that likes to get “imaginative” with things that should be clear and concrete. You know, like a text message that reads “pull the car to the front of the store” that leads to a text war about which side is the front of the store.  Don’t get caught up in that silliness.  Focus on what’s happening from the other person’s point of view to establish a shared perspective.

#MoneyMoves: This week is likely to get you thinking about your generosity.  Generally, it might be wiser not to lend money or things that you’re not prepared to lose, especially to close peeps.  But that gettin’ tight about losing something ain’t your style.  That’s why I say focus on the generosity.  If asked, give to someone based on what you think best supports what they’re asking for, not your losses, the friendship, etc.  The dearest act of compassion with giving is often based on what’s the most you could part with that could have the greatest benefit for all.  You could call it charitable investing.