Aquarius [Jan 20th to Feb18th]

#MeTime: Okay, Aquaboogie, with the week rolling out with the moon in your sign, this is kind of your own personal new moon time. Then there’s everybody else’s new moon in Pisces on Tuesday. Don’t you feel special?   I know it’s not your default attitude to feel special. You’d rather focus on your intentions, goals, causes, the collective or any other thing; but if you don’t believe the Sun or moon just shines for you, even sometimes, then you can’t be fully present for any of those other things. A dose of ego, mixed with a dash self-congratulation and appreciation, in the life sauce ain’t so bad, especially when you want to get some things jumpin’ soon.


#Heartstrings: The polite term for a sleepwalker is somnambulist. I’m telling you this so you can correctly, though politely, identify what’s happening to the significant (and some of the insignificant) people in your life.  You’re likely to be seeing clearly now and wondering why your peeps can’t see what you’re seeing—whether it’s the writing on the wall about a specific problem in your relationship or some larger personal or societal issue.  I’m not so sure the School Daze approach of screaming “Wake up!” at the top of your lungs will help.  Sometimes if you make enough noise buzzing about doing what you got to do, people wake up, if you get what I mean.

#MoneyMoves: Now that Neptune has fully moved out of your sign, it’s time to give some necessary attention to your health and your own work-related skill sets. The funny thing about this “spirit of austerity” that’s seized the world’s governments is that it might parallel some of the competing thoughts in your own head right now.  Even if you’re in great financial shape, you wanna save your money all up, like the rich 1% or some governments. The downside with this mindset is that stuff falls in disrepair and money only makes more real money when it’s in flow.  That’s why you should focus on the things that make you money—your health and skills, supposed entitlements according to some. Other things you may, indeed, need to let go.