Aquarius [Jan  21th to Feb 18th]

#MeTime: Unearthing deep feelings may get you feelin’ like you’re a soul archaeologist, recovering shards of yourself that have been buried or trampled on too long. You’re more likely to uncover these shards of soul most while at home or with your family.  This might prompt a minor meltdown because it could feel like too much. Don’t be too hard on yourself about these pieces cuz in the big scheme of things you hold more together than you lose. It’s hard to keep things all together if you have a lot to keep together…and you do, Aquaboogie!  Connecting with where you come from is what will help keep you going.


#Heartstrings:  Here at the Zodiac Lounge, we all know you’re fiercely independent, but interdependence is a real thing too. You know very few people can talk about how all things are interdependent like you…until you go thinking everything else can be dependent except you.  You need the emotional support and love of your friends, family and lovers now.  You won’t lose your privacy and you won’t violate your individuality or independence in saying “I need help.”  Part of being an excellent giver, as you are, is the gift of receiving—well.  Let others give you that.

#MoneyMoves: It’s not much of a far leap to conjecture that if you’re recovering shards of soul and wondering how much interdependence is going to cost you on the independent tip that your feelings about money are all over the place.  Here’s some out of the box “advice” to you, just like you like it.  If you’re gonna map out what’s happening with your money, then don’t break out the Excel or Quicken spreadsheets. Use crayons, Photoshop or pencils to draw it out. Get your right-brain working with your left-brain using images, brain-maps. Connecting your heart, imagination, and intuition with your money could really spark some profound steps forward now.