Aquarius [Jan 21st to Feb 18th]

#MeTime: It’s a full moon at the start of the week for your sign, so it’s a time when you may feel a conflict between your social/worldly obligations and time just for yourself.  During your birthday season, of course, you can choose to spend some time alone. But it’s okay to organize folks for a little spotlight on you. This might feel uncomfortable. Most often, Aquarians rebel against feeling special, but it’s okay to rebel against that contrary feeling too. It’ll give you perspective on understanding folks who get too caught up in their egos. However, an occasional dose of limelight attention affirms you and the folks who appreciate you being in the world.


#Heartstrings:  You may feel a lot more is at stake with close ones now than usual.  You’re not one to get snatched up by worry, but you may have a lot of concern and fear regarding your standing with folks now. After the full moon, the moon does a quick wink over her shoulder at the Big Daddy Grace of planets, Jupiter. That lets you know the way out: gratitude with a full heart. You can either tell people how much you appreciate them or say something quiet in your heart to whoever, whatever including just yourself to recognize their blessings in your life. That should quiet some of the fear.

#MoneyMoves: Like smoke, Neptune slips into your personal resource pantry sign, Pisces, so you may not be sure what you have or be certain how long you may have it.  Keep an eye on your belongings, in fact, as you may have trouble keeping up with them.  There’s a deeper lesson here, of course.  Everything must change.  You know #Aquaboogie that holding anything too tightly, including people, as a guarantee that things will stay the same is a lost cause. Don’t be careless and don’t care more about stuff and money than your own dreams and visions.  Those you can’t lose unless you give them away.