Aquarius [January 21st to February 18th]

If you’ve been holding your tongue in favor of diplomacy, consideration or vaunting patience, you’re ability to do that wanes, as the week waxes.  This should let you know that the balance of the week (and the month) is going to be about you straightening out communication and issues that have reached their “moment.” Don’t hurt ‘em, and I kinda mean that.  I mean, have you read how Aquarian Frederick Douglass would sear flesh with words?  Or how fellow Aquarian Keith Olbermann used to set folks’ wigs on fire by just speaking into the camera? You can do that, even if you’re mild-mannered.  You have a lower threshold for foolishness, lies or inaccuracies than you think you do…and that’s sometimes your problem. See yourself clearly. On a different note, you may see your money woes taper off and feel like you’re getting better settled.

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