Aquarius [Jan 21st to Feb 18th]

#MeTime: Anyone in commerce will testify that the true value of something is never the price. Economists might say that true value is set by market demands, but you Aquarians tend to see things differently. True value is determined by following your soul’s heart beat or what you know is right.  So is your stock up or down? If it’s down, then this is a time when you can raise it, and if it’s up, this is a time it can go higher.  Don’t pay attention to the externals now, whether they’re in your favor or against you.


#Heartstrings:  Your fellow Aquaboogie Toni Morrison has said, “As you enter positions of trust and power, dream a little before you think.”  Most times when we’re in relationships, we enter positions of trust and power, so it’s not only if you’re in a position of authority. Essentially our soul is a dream, a vision of who we are and can be.  A song I love by friends of mine, Light In the Soul, captures this sense of how our dream of soul has a ripple effect. As you let your soul’s light shine, then you can excite and incite others to shine with exponential appeal. So no easy compromises this week as you could end up handing off more than you expected.

#MoneyMoves: All this talk about value obviously leads us to talking about money. It’s a common spiritual idea to embrace money as energy and your energy generator is connected to strong emotions this week. With the grand trine chorus line up of 4 planets, Jupiter, Pluto, Mars and Venus, in the emotion areas of Aquarius, you’re bound to be feeling a lot beneath the surface.  Your emotions can be your guide, much like how you use your dying cell phone’s charge for whether you text or call.  If at work, you’re feeling drained by the work you’re doing in the moment, it’s either time to rethink how you’re doing the work or whether you’re best using the moment.