Aquarius [Jan 21st to Feb 18th]

#MeTime: A new moon in Aries is bound to get you fired up to speak truth to power.  The winter has been about coming out of Neptune’s hypnosis for the last several years and getting used to the sound of your true inner voice.  Now is the time when you start using your outer voice. But don’t go too much on that sauce cuz it’s spicy now. You can’t kick too much ish around too soon and not expect to get kicked back. And some signs kick harder than others and you’re still kinda raw. So take it easy.


#Heartstrings:  They say you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. You might see what’s best for all involved in a particular issue now, but sometimes you gotta hang back and just let people discover what they need to do for themselves. Not everyone believes, fundamentally, that they should be as responsible for their lives and living as you do, Aquaboogie.  In fact, writer Richard Wright once said that some people live in dread of the responsibility for their own lives.  If someone in your life is more attuned to the dread, give him or her as much love as you can and keep it movin’.

#MoneyMoves: Ian Morris in his book Why the West Rules—for now, among numerous reasons, basically boils down the West’s triumph over the East like this: “Change is caused by lazy, greedy, frightened people looking for easier, more profitable and safer ways to do things. And they rarely know what they are doing.” So I guess you can change some of that by being an industrious, conscientious, and loving person who looks for easier, more socially cohesive, sustainable and safer ways to do things. Or you can aspire toward that for this week. If you don’t know what you’re doing, especially with money or your money maker, with Mercury retrograde, now is a good time to learn.