Aquarius (January 21st to February 18th)

In college, I was close friends with a former US Army reconnaissance officer. In random conversation, he alluded to a trunk in my room that I used to stash papers and junk. It was partly draped with a cloth. “How’d the heck you notice or remember that?” His reply stuck with me: “I was trained to notice where people conceal things.” This week’s full moon, along with the square-off between Mars and Pluto, leads me to believe that the cosmos is “trained” to notice and pick at the places where you conceal things. So I wouldn’t work too hard at covering up. Some of it’s going to spill out. I know you’re private and all that jazz, but it’s time to face your shadows. If you decide to lie, here's a caution about lying from an astro point of view, not a moral one: it’s usually a bad idea to do that around a moon that illuminates. #JustSayin

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