Aquarius [Jan21st to Feb18th]

#MeTime: “Turn your wounds into wisdom,” says Aquaboogie Oprah Winfrey.  With Mercury and Uranus all booed up in Aries, your communications hub, you have to be mindful of your wounds now before your words end up wounding others. You feel pressed to break away from the pain of the past, so you could be a little more on edge than usual. However, if you’re willing to consider your thoughts a lil more, either in meditation, writing or movement, you’ll make beautiful origami of your wounds, helping us all to soar.

#Heartstrings: Sometimes the way to peace is not quiet.  You may have to speak up for yourself on a particular issue that’s bound to make you and another person a bit uncomfortable. But you gotta do something about the underlying tension. You know what though? Dealing with thorny issues with loved ones or colleagues isn’t going to leave you as pricked or pissed off as you might suspect.  Somehow you’ll find the humor or humanity in the situation and that will likely lift everybody’s mood. Keep the faith…and your funny bone.


#MoneyMoves: Full moons in people’s money signs, as it’s happening in Pisces for you, are usually touchy.  If there have been some things you’ve been neglecting regarding money, then it’s gonna show now.  If you’ve been on point, then your financial statements are going to show that.  What is useless is attempting to pretend like whatever issues are happening with your money are not happening.  This full moon scenario in your money signs only happens twice a year.  Likewise, with Mercury, the patron planet of other people’s money in your case, about to go retrograde, you might want to put in any last minute changes with agreements or investments you’re setting up. Once Mercury reverses his steps, it might be harder to fix those changes for the next 3 or 4 weeks.