Aquarius [Jan 21st to Feb 18th]

#MeTime: You might have a hard time carving out some time for yourself this week, because you may feel like so much pressure from within and without to hold your ground.  The conflict comes up because you want to be on the move, but somehow feel like you’re being held back by a ball and chain. Let me just tell ya, in the grand and not-so-grand scheme of things, the ball and chain at this point is just a string. You’re mightier than you realize and you’re at the brink of being able to push more through than you think.


#Heartstrings:  At the start of the week, the moon in Leo, your partnership sign, is on a short leash from Jupiter. That suggests to me that you’re a very strong desire to enjoy a little freedom to shake a tail feather and just have a good time. You’ve earned it, but you may get entangled in a power struggle with someone significant to make that happen. You’re likely to win out, but a key lesson is realizing the very minute ways you yield up your own power to keep things working smooth.  Hone in on the lesson and then let loose, being mindful not to let it happen again, at least any time soon.

#MoneyMoves: There are four fixed signs of the Zodiac, and you’re one of them. (The other ones are Leo, Scorpio and Taurus.)  Fixed means a lot of things, like your sign “fixes” or sets winter in its place once Capricorn kicks it in the month before.  But a lot of people sleep on the fact that y’all can be really stubborn and set in your ways, like how Aquarians Rosa Parks or Frederick Douglass wouldn’t yield for injustice. Sometimes it pays to stay put and let the storm pass over you rather than thinking that it’s better to yield. You may find on the job that this is one of those times, especially if a key principle is at stake.  You may find that you’re holding a lot more down for others as well.