Aquarius [January 21st to February 18th]

I think what marks the modern age more than anything is that we tend to focus on our similarities more than our differences.  If you’re not a fan of history, you might not see that as a huge thing. Yet it is. Most of human history is riddled with how one set of people were not like another, in more ridiculous dimensions than we use now. However, you have the push to both seek out our commonalities and differences. It’s written in your celestial DNA.  This week will be a test and testimony of your natural ability to do both, perhaps even at the same time.  At the top of the week, you might be more keen on pointing out distinctions and differences.  But around Saturday, a Mercury-Uranus meet-up will inspire you to grasp more how those differences could serve a greater sense of purpose with a little tweaking and twerking.  

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