Aquarius (January 21st to February 18th)

#MeTime: I suspect that you left some emotional baggage behind last week, because this week you get off the metaphorical plane kickin’ tail and keepin’ score. Some people may wonder if you and Leo traded places and you stole the Lion’s roar.  Be careful, though, of the depth and solidity of your conviction. It’s a slippery slope from speaking truth and then thinking that you own the Truth.  You might speak with such authority that you may not leave enough room for the collaborative spirit that you hold in high esteem.  In your mind, you just want to set the record straight. For others, you have to be sure you don’t come off sounding like a broken record.


#Heartstrings:  If someone or something can pry you out of your house after a snug, cozy fit at home or your office at the top of the week, you can be more comfortable in a party, social atmosphere.  You may be a lot more in your head than usual, so perhaps you can engage a partner or a potential in a discussion or activity that’s intellectually rich or fully entertaining. Otherwise, you could be a little bored with humdrum routines or with close ones who usually enjoy a heart-centered connection more.   Take it easy on lovers or loved ones who sidestep ideas for talk about goofy stuff on TV or other pop culture stuff.

#MoneyMoves: A hallmark of innovation is to be able to be childlike and to ask questions of convention and tradition without contempt or undue compliance. No one does that like you, Aquaboogie. At some point, any kind of innovator worth his or her salt is gonna be irreverent; so there’s no point in telling you to reverent. However, you can be aware and respectful how you wag that finger of curiosity to challenge how things are done. If you’re more inclined to dig in your heels and focus more on being “right” than righteous and respectful, you may distract co-workers/clients from the true benefit of your ideas.