Aquarius [January 21st to February 18th]

#MeTime: Astrology works on the simple premise that the worlds above symbolically parallel our world below.  This full moon may demonstrate that it’s hard to keep all the worlds you flow between separate, though you might seriously want that to happen. The separation is “real,” but the overlap/interplay is happening because you’re the convergence point. If you’re seeing repeated themes or having remarkably similar conversations at home that you’re having at work or with other folks, then um, you’re the key factor here. That doesn’t mean something is wrong with you. Something may be out of synch and you may have to gather up some way to get grounded.


#Heartstrings:  In the tarot, the card associated with #Aquaboogie is The Star card. Notice how the water bearer, in the card, is both pouring the water into the stream and on the ground. She also kneels with one foot in water and another on land. This symbolizes the balance you’ll need to cultivate now. What keeps you grounded are your principles and what keeps you in motion, like the water you bear and give, is your heart.  There are times and places to dispense your compassionate heart and others to stay grounded to your principles. Be mindful of how you’re doing either now, especially as we get closer to the full moon at the end of the week.

#MoneyMoves: One of my favorite lines from the 80s hit movie “Risky Business” is “[i]t seems to me that if there were any logic to our language, trust would be a four letter word.” For you, that word could be love. Perhaps for the movie’s protagonist, Joel Goodson, it was the f-bomb or something else. It doesn’t matter. It’s likely that you may have to place a good amount of trust in somebody by parting with a fair amount of money. You could get screwed. Or you could end up with all of your money back and then some, even if it comes back to you in a roundabout way.  The real lesson here isn’t about the money. That’s just the worksheet. It’s about affirming your trust in love over the f-bomb, which in this case could also be fear. If your fear of losing the money is greater than your love for the person or organization receiving it, keep it. #Noshade. Maybe trust will be a different four lettered word another day.