Aquarius [Jan 21st to Feb 18th]

#MeTime: Pluto’s retrograde in Capricorn will have a very subtle, yet powerful effect on you.  Contrary to what you may have heard, Pluto is still very much a planet for astrologers. Astronomers demoted him. Fittingly enough, Pluto helps us deal with the stuff we think we control, but don’t. In your case, you’ll be pressed to deal with the “uncontrollable” stuff that emerges before they surface. The stuff you can’t quite see or be clear on. That’s why you all have fantastic intuition and aren’t reliant on facts and figures. This week you’re reviewing lessons of how to act on impulses and hard to nail down concerns “just because.” You can’t stop or change everything, but you can alter what you can. Sometimes that is enough.


#Heartstrings:  Unfortunately, you can’t lean too hard on your romantic/social life to bring more clarity because things get a little sketchy here, but not in a dangerous or disturbing way. It’s more like the messiness that life has after you’ve come back from a consuming vacation or the soft buzz of little sleep and excitement you feel after getting to know someone new in your life.  If you’re solo, perhaps there are other entertaining distractions that make it hard to feel the full satisfaction of work or things requiring focus. What’s happening is that there’s a trifecta of Mars, Neptune and Venus blurring how we experience pleasure and peak performance in our lives. It’s always better when peak performance is our pleasure, but life ain’t always that neat. So you’ll have to find better ways to stay blissfully distracted and get work done.

#MoneyMoves: As spring settles in, it’s only natural to seek a little more diversion and bang for your buck. This week, though, be sure that your diversions are not tied up too much with your pocketbook or wallet.  You also want to be fully present mentally with your money when it comes to charity.  You believe your treasure is where your heart is and your heart is often with people. However that doesn’t mean that everyone can be trusted to receive the gifts you can give. Use a spirit of discernment to make sure your gifts are put to good use.