Aquarius (January 21st to February 18th)

Enough with talking about the building of walls, bridges and castles! With Mercury going into Gemini on Wednesday, I think it’s time for you to lighten things up, especially with fun-loving Venus and Jupiter already in that sign. There’s almost never too spontaneous a time for you to gather up some friends or family to chill or to make some kind of fun excursion for yourself.  In a simpler phrase, Aquarius: catch your breath. You’re in between eclipses, with the next one arriving next Saturday.  It doesn’t mean that next week you’ll have a whirlwind of a time; but this week doesn’t have as many strings attached to it.  So you have some time to thread things along at your own pace without thinking too deeply or too much.  It’s also a great time to relax by learning something new and interesting as well. 

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