Aquarius [January 21st to February 18th]

#MeTime: Sometimes “being still” means that you can then “know God,” as scriptures say.  Or it’s just a step before you collapse into a puddle somewhere.  You might be flexing between the two states. This week is definitely a pull back and regroup moment, over all. Rally your emotion troops and head back to your HQ to strategize for another set of battles or high energy activities next week after the solar eclipse.  You may both then sense the presence of a higher power and be endowed with the power to match the challenges you need to face.


#Heartstrings:  Venus dips out of her event planner/MC of Pleasure chairmanship at your Zodiac Lounge table this week. Put simply, you just won’t be feelin’ “it.” “It” may not matter who or what is. The damage control will be convincing significant loved ones and acquaintances it’s not about them or something they did.  So much of your life is about hooking others together that you feel, at times, that you have to disconnect and there’s no way in your mind to isolate one set of whos from another set of whos.  You just have to get back to you, and then get to them…soon.

#MoneyMoves: You might be a little sensitive and possibly defensive when it comes to your money, especially at the start of the week. Resist the urge to buy much on impulse.  You’re likely trying to fix something that has nothing to do with the products you’re buying.  You may want to feel “settled” or “comfortable,” but find it hard to experience that now; so it’s natural and normal to look to money to give you that experience.  See if you can connect to your creativity or your own abilities first before you outright buy something. For example, rather than buy a chocolate bar, think about baking some chocolate chip cookies at home to share.