Aquarius [Jan 21st to Feb 18th]

#MeTime: The solar eclipse (a new moon) and Venus’ moonwalk in Gemini land in the Zodiac Lounge where you personally help the world become a better place. It’s that place where the old folks used to sing, “this little light of mine.”  The interesting thing is that as an Aquaboogie you were born during a time of the year where the Earth is farthest from the Sun in the Northern hemisphere.  So we have to rely more on the light that we create rather than the light that just comes to us naturally. That’s a perfect metaphor for how you make light in the world.  Last week, you may have felt disaffected and more withdrawn. But this week it’s time to think about your gifts to the world and your responsibility to share them.  You don’t have to start off big.  Just be clear that you want to share.


#Heartstrings:  Western culture, for several centuries, has been, overall, working on the fine and acerbic art of cursing and “cussin’” out.  But we’ve seemed to have lost the equally powerful art of blessing, like John O’Donohue’s Anam Cara.  Blessing others is more than a statement of intention for an intervention from a divine source.  It’s also to infuse your spirit and sense of beauty into what you bless.  It’s an act of creative power to share yourself with others. Offer as many blessings as you can this week, in word and deed. Just as a curse can start a fight, a blessing can heal and stir more creativity in you and others.

#MoneyMoves: You’re normally a fairly generous person and we’ve been exploring your notion of generosity all year so far.  At times, I’ve cautioned you about being discerning about to whom you give your time, talents, energy and resources. This time I want to caution you about what you give away. You might unintentionally give away more value than you perceive or it could be hard to keep track of your things. Everything has its season and every season gives of itself at the right time.  This week is to be extra mindful of what you give and what you have.