Aquarius [January 21st to February 18th]

#MeTime: This is one of your key times this year to really put on your sheen and shine. Although Aquarians tend to shy away from claiming the spotlight, it doesn’t mean that you don’t enjoy the spotlight or that you can’t do great things while standing in it. However, nothing great will happen if you go for some false humility or just play it all small.  You don’t have to floss to play things to the hilt, Aquaboogie. Aquarius Michael Jordan was a superstar who played his heart out with and for his team.  So get your props and treasure them. You’ve earned it.


#Heartstrings: There’s no sense telling you to turn off your mind when your pleasure engine is running, because that’s not really going to happen.  It does matter, however, what you think about and what you share. You may find your thoughts returning to old pleasures, pastimes or people. If you’re in a current relationship, this could be challenging or disturbing because you might wonder if you’re feeling detached from your partner.  It’s not quite that severe most likely. Your mind is perhaps looking at differences, so allow it do so by looking at all the differences.  If one partner curled your toes (but left your mind and heart in knots), then remember both moments. Perhaps you can find other dimensions of a past relationship that you want to incorporate more into your current relationship.  If you’re flying solo, romantic visitations from your past may surface. Again, remember all factors from the past, not just the “good” parts.

#MoneyMoves: Go for a bigger play on the job tip or with that key client, especially toward the end of the week. At the top week, you may have to get rid of some unnecessary baggage, either literally or emotionally, in order to step forward with your whole self and make some power moves.  Otherwise, you may get too caught up in distractions or playing yourself small in order to tend to the big picture or take one for the team (whatever team that is). Don’t paint any big pictures that don’t have you in them. And if you take one for the team, be sure there’s a trophy attached.