Aquarius (January 21st to February 18th)

Last week I gave a lot of attention to you working around walls. With this Taurean solar eclipse on Thursday, I’m more inclined to think about you going beyond walls to building castles. We can shake down a few meanings from this. The most accessible meaning relates to your actual home. The eclipse stirs up possibilities for endowing your place with more texture and grace to become more of a safe haven. Speaking of safe havens, we can be a little meta about this too. You may need to fortify your position at work and so you may be a little more industrious about protecting your work and efforts.  Just keep your priorities clear, Aquaboogie. For instance, say you make a treacherous moat to stop your “haters” from getting in. But you make the drawridge so damn heavy that it’s hard to pull up quickly when you need to.  Whoops.

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