Aquarius (January 21st to February 18th)

I still see you working to keep the “stress monster” at bay, but s/he might hulk out toward the middle of the week if you don’t keep tabs on your mental steam valves.  I once read about Aquarians that they love humanity, but it’s people they can’t stand.  I know you want to be in the planning phases of something grand and society-changing, but sometimes the “real” moments come in the nit and grit of daily interactions with people—with their petty notions of themselves, their underdeveloped almost pubescent emotions even at middle-age and a mind-numbing determination to out best you when giving the worst of themselves.  It’s harrowing. That’s when you have to stick to the big picture too, knowing that you have to stick to principles and ideals that prompt us all to evolve. But remember we all come up short sometimes.

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