Aquarius [Jan 21st to Feb 18th]

#MeTime: For you, we could call this year a lot of things. We could call it “How I got over” (The Roots or Clara Ward editions). Or “Back on My Feet.” Or anything that suggests that you’ve gone through hell and back and now you’re moving forward.  But that’s all the easy part.  The hard part is figuring out how to keep up with the lessons you learned from the lean years without giving over to cynicism or self-congratulation.  This week is a trial run for figuring that out.  I won’t cast too much shade about the self-congratulation as y’all aren’t prone to do that for too long anyway. But cynicism and Aquarius go together like milk and vinegar.  Shake that off like a killer habit, because it will kill the gentleness of your spirit and the beauty of your dreams.


#Heartstrings: You’re not prone to a lot of worry or fret usually, but this week might find you gnawing on a mental bone that you find hard to let go.  So watch for something odd like this: someone does something that hurts your feelings or offends you and you go ballistic, like you cut into them as if you had a laser scalpel and you were trying to extract a node buried deep in their psyche.  The odd thing is that when you come to your senses, the offense wasn’t that bad and you don’t quite know why you went IN. It’s because you were gnawing on that bone! We often do to others what we’re doing to ourselves.  Realize the true source of the projection before you play out a movie that you know you don’t want to see.

#MoneyMoves: Although there have been tons of movies and TV shows made about prison, most people who’ve been don’t like to talk about it and certainly never want to return. It’s a horrible, bizarre place.  It’s hard to see society the same way after a bid.  You might feel a little like this, whether you’ve done an actual bid or just felt like you did one over the last few years. This first half of the year has likely been a way to re-girding your swagger, but perhaps the shady horror of the recent past is weighing down on your thoughts, despite the insights and perceptions of a brighter future ahead.  Fear of a return of the past rises in direct proportion to how much you’re willing to allow yourself to forget what you’ve learned from the past.  So, if you don’t forget the key lessons you’ve learned then, you can’t return to the same past, even if you tried.  Stay focused on the brightness of your future, not the dim moments of your past.