Aquarius [Jan 21st to Feb 18th]

#MeTime:  Be sure your psychological “brake” lights are working as well as the brakes themselves this week as you might have trouble with “when.” Of course that’s unusual for you as may border on being over-considerate. But every now and again, you can forget you’re a water bearer to think you’re a Lion. (ahem.)  This week though, between Saturn AND Venus stopping their retrograde dances and a Mexican stand-off between Uranus, Pluto and the Sun, you’re gonna be feelin’ yourself and wanting to feel even more. With the way some folks pronounce “feel,” it can sound like “fill” and vice-versa. So you could easily give people their fill of you by how you’re feeling yourself so much.


#Heartstrings: You might be hard to pin down this week on the relationship front. One day you’re a pleasure-seeking satyr or nymph, like toward the top of the week. Then you’re like a gnome or miner dwarf who can’t stop working.  Again, this is the problem you’re having with when and figuring out limits.  With Saturn, your sign’s patron planet,  going direct again,  you’re working out how to feel safe moving forward, wondering if you’ll lose ground if you slow down to smell the roses with someone, so to speak. You will slow down, but that’s not a bad thing. Rome wasn’t built in a day, as they say, and you want to go easy with your work and your fun, or run the risk of short-circuiting yourself.

#MoneyMoves: One of the reasons why I said that you shouldn’t be too hands-on last week is that you have a pretty “heavy hand” these days.  You definitely are interested in bringing more muscle to your endeavors, but you may not feel very comfortable about strong-arming to make things happen.  Yet you’re very committed to having things go your way. When this happens, you either land up in “Passive-Aggressiveville” where you attempt to steer things a particular way without making your intentions clear or fully known. Or you just browbeat folks until you get it.  Keep the dynamic open by enlisting involvement, using inspiration and inclusion, rather than focusing on your goals and objectives that you lose sight of how people are feeling about what you want…and you.