Aquarius [January 21st to February 18th]

#MeTime: It’s time for you to remember a fundamental idea about Aquaboogie. Y’all bring the genius of boogie or the boogie of genius to people because relationships are the fundamental reason for why y’all do things.  Take for instance, fellow Aquarian Thomas Alva Edison. Most of Edison’s prolific inventions were made to bring people together or capture moments of humanity in sight or sound.  However, the challenge for your genius is not to lose people in your life in the pursuit of serving humanity.  “Humanity” can remain an abstraction in your mind, but never let people in your life become that in your heart. This week is a reminder of that.


#Heartstrings: Everyone calls the focus of Scorpio legendary or will wax poetic about the dreaminess of Pisces.  But I don’t think y’all get enough love for your uncanny ability to make being on a mission sound amazing and engaging.  I think I know why though, and this week you might find some testimony about this.  It’s because the mission almost seems to drown out the sense of connection you may or may not have been experiencing with the special folks in your life.  So when your attention to your mission seems to waft in (and only you seem to know when it comes, by the way), there are a few casualties that seem to happen all at once: the connection, the sense of specialness that a person may have thought she or he had in your life, and/or an understanding of “the mission” and how it works. How you fix all three might be daunting to do, but I would at least tackle one of those areas to remedy any relationship problems you’re having.

#MoneyMoves: The upcoming new moon in Cancer surfaces in your work sector, so it looks like there’s more popping off with your routines and daily regimens. Over the last month or so, you’ve been on your grind (with some bouts of fun in-between), but you’re coming up on a time when inspiration has to meet the perspiration. Inspiration needs spirit. So where does your spirit go to feel renewed? This doesn’t have to be answered with a vacay, necessarily. Some people are inspired by water; others by day trips or being in motion somehow.  Whatever it is, do the work to retrieve it. You’ll need it in the weeks to come.