Aquarius [January 21st to February 18th]

#MeTime:  What we love about Aquarians is the conviction they can have about their beliefs. What can be challenging to love about Aquarians is the conviction they can have about their beliefs.  With Mars going long into Libra for the next two months, you’re going to have to be careful of thinking that life becomes a battle of ideas with folks. It is an excellent time, however, to actively explore the world, if only by armchair, and push to connect with folks who share your ideas and with whom you can build on some of those principles or ideas.


#Heartstrings: As Venus continues to speed forward and Mars swaggers through Libra now, you may find yourself giving mixed messages to folks again. You may seem both fun loving and yet fixated on getting to the nitty-gritty of nearly anything and everything in your life. Sometimes this fixation looks like OCD (with work, hygiene or health) and other times it looks like being really detail-oriented and careful.  Perhaps the best way to avoid driving yourself and any other significant others in your life crazy is to cherish and share the “nerdy” excitement that you have for whatever details now. First, know that for some, nerdy = sexy, or what I and some others from twitter call “nexy.” For those you ain’t with your “nexy” now, then keep it moving.

#MoneyMoves: There’s a nice resonant note that Mercury (communications master) strikes with Uranus (overall genius) this week that I think you could really use.  Your mind is really sharp now. Although I’ve said you could be a lil over-the-top with your beliefs now, you’re certainly not lacking ideas or necessarily wrong. It’s important to add honey with those ideas rather than think that ideas or beliefs speak for themselves as plain truth that should just be accepted or heeded.  There’s no doubt that these ideas could lead to better things if entice more people on board to share them.  I know “entice” sounds like you could lose your authenticity, but that’s not necessarily true.  You can be honest and gracious.