Aquarius [January 21st to February 18th]

#MeTime: As the Sun swaggers into Leo, this can be a bittersweet time for you.  You can deeply resonate with Leo’s core belief in human dignity and creativity.  But you may struggle with and resist how those core beliefs can be used to assert the value of one life or set of lives over others. Or when certain types of creativity trump the respect for a myriad of gifts and abilities that are not equally recognized.  So this is when you may feel an innate sense to be more self-sacrificing and attentive to the plight of others than usual. It’s also when you may get more annoyed and sensitive to people’s own needs or egos. Ahem, it might even cause your own to flare up. The “answer” is to find a balance. If you get too focused on others and consensus, it gets hard to know where the center of energy is to execute actions quickly or effectively.


#Heartstrings: With a 1st quarter moon in Scorpio, passions may run high and logic & reasoning run short. (Mostly because Mercury’s retrograde may take him closer to the Sun, the source of life, than comfort or sense would advise prudent.) Although your preference would be to stay away from the madness, it would be better if you decided to just engage it differently. When passions run high, ask people what they need, whether you’ll be able to supply an answer or satisfy that need. They may not even be able to know or satisfy the need. But the question prompts a pause and that pause may be thing everyone needs to step out of the commotion and find a way to ease into the truth of what’s really happening.

#MoneyMoves: Last week’s new moon in your “work” sector is about to become this week’s 1st quarter moon. This is a moon that pushes you toward taking concrete steps to manifest the intentions, ideas and insights you might have come up with or “felt” the week before. You also could be a little pushier than usual. Be sure not to make every confrontation a last stand or high noon at the O.K. Corral. Sometimes it’s good to fall back to free up some room for someone to move forward…in your direction.