Aquarius [January 21st to February 18th]

#MeTime: This week is both a personal new moon for your sign and a collective Leo full moon. So it’s both a time for personal renewal and to put some shine on yourself. You can think of this time as a cosmic half-birthday. So there is a question you can use to think about how things are going and where you’d like for them to go until we get to Aquaboogie season:  is your life right now about affirming your dignity without compromising your integrity?  For instance, you can feel dignified as a celebrity or with honors that you don’t feel are deserved or earned.  That’s having dignity, but no integrity. Be sure you have both.


#Heartstrings: The Sun reveals, and it’s no less a revealer of secrets and hidden desires when it’s traveling through your opposite sign, Leo.  This doesn’t have to be a Lifetime movie, like you learn someone’s cheating or really not who he or she’s appeared to be. It can be as simple as feeling a deeper sense of appreciation for the person you love or want to love more.  With a full moon, the Sun might also reveal where you’ve not been giving yourself enough credit or appreciation.  Aquarians can often sell themselves short. This is a clear cosmic reminder this week not to do that…for anybody.

#MoneyMoves: As Venus prepares to finish her four-month sojourn in Gemini and Mercury gets right rather than retrograde next week, you may get a cosmic reminder to see how playfulness is so critical to the work you love and do.  In traditional astrology, your patron planet is Saturn. Saturn is a pretty serious “dude.” However, play can be seriously fun and highly productive.  I once did workshops on play with  O. Fred Donaldson who wrote Playing By Heart. (He’s your kind of guy: he learned his techniques and understanding by playing with wild wolves. Gulp) For him, play was about emotional vulnerability rather than competition.  You can find out more about Donaldson’s work here. But the key is realizing that taking something serious doesn’t mean you have to be weighed down by it.  There’s joy and play to be had too.