Aquarius (January 21st to February 18th)

With Saturn, your patron planet, finally moving forward this week (on the same day as we have a new moon), I feel compelled to deliver another truth about what’s classically said about your sign.  Y’all are hopeful and optimistic, in general, about entertaining possibilities, but you’re slow to trust in those possibilities.  That makes me think of a saying that a friend says frequently: hope is not a strategy. Trust has a lot of fiber to it, with sinew and muscle honed by experience, planning and experimentation. You might go through a little hope bubble burst now. Don’t be dismayed, because you’ll now see who and what needs to earn your trust. Hope does have its place. Hope gives us intention and aspiration for more. But trust makes things happen.  Or put differently, if life were like a birthday party, hopes would be like balloons while trust is the cake. Make that cake, Aquaboogie.

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