Aquarius [Jan 21st to Feb 18th]

#MeTime:  The difference between a resistance fighter and a terrorist is a matter of who wins the war. Your sign is most often the challenger, and it doesn’t seem to matter if you’re left- or right-wing.   So when you’re in the heat of battle, whether that’s in a board room, on the air, at your desk, or sitting across the table from a potential rival, the question is whether the ends justifies the means…really? You’re all about doing whatever it takes to make something happen, but your definition of whatever is a lot more limited (and ethical) than many recognize or know. Even you sometimes. Don’t lose sight of that.


#Heartstrings: Mercury goes retrograde at the end of the week in your partnership sign. If that sounds like you could expect problems in that area of your life, then you would be right in thinking so. But I don’t want you to think in absolute terms.  Retrogrades are not half the devil that astrologers and the public have made them out to be. It’s time to use all of the re-words, like re-visit, re-formulate, re-think…and renew. If you’re more on the solo tip, then this is the time to look again how to reserve more of your pleasure, power and joy for yourself rather than waiting for someone else to be around.

#MoneyMoves: Considering that two out of your four “personal” finance sectors are headed up by the planet Mercury, his retrograde does spell some financial challenges for you. The challenges seem to be more about how you negotiate your ideas and opinions with how things happen in the larger world.  It makes me think of the scripture, “Where your treasure is, there will be your heart also.” So is your heart 100% behind what you’re talking about and what you’re espousing?  This goes from “socially responsible investing” to how you support the local café owner who browbeats or abuses his workers—something you likely abhor.  Next week we’ll talk about the next stage of this mind-heart-treasure alignment as Mercury continues his retrograde.