Aquarius (January 21st to February 18th)

NYC Mayor Bloomberg, America’s mayor (at least for this decade), has both a Sun and Moon in Aquarius. So he’s very Aquarian, and what’s interesting about his mayoralty, besides the way less interesting and even less deserving 3rd term, is how most of it has focused on how little problems can become bigger problems without intervention or modification. At this point, New Yorkers are mostly annoyed by his policies, but few would say the overall logic in most respects is wrong-headed.  What’s more, it’s very Aquarian thinking and that’s not stated enough.  This week you have the opportunity to convert a small opportunity into a bigger and better thing, but it’s gonna take both some hard work and good dose of discretion.  (And the Mayor has sometimes lacked that.) Even though there’s a rare 2nd Aquarian full moon this week, it’s not a great time to draw attention to this particular opportunity or yourself.

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