Aquarius [January 21st to February 18th]

#MeTime:  It’s not said enough that as humanitarian and group-oriented as Aquarians are, they are also very private people. With a Leo new moon around the corner next week, you might feel more compelled to divest yourself of showing too much care than normal. It’s partly because you have your own roiling inner passions and concerns that don’t seem to harmonize with the folks around you a lot of the time. That’s fair. But what might not be is the feeling you can’t be bothered with the worries and wonders of the people around you. Leo reminds us of the innate dignity that we’re all born with. Somehow, even when someone is talking about THE most mundane, trite thing in the cosmos, look for the spark of energy in their eyes. It’s not what’s being said or the ideas (or lack thereof) that churn in conversation that you need to focus on now. It’s the rustling of Spirit that moves in your own heart that either can connect with someone else’s heart or how you inspire another back toward Spirit.


#Heartstrings: Mercury going forward on Wednesday in Leo means that some frosted lines of connection are open that may have been wonky for over a month.  But don’t be overzealous about it by attempting to cram reconciliation in every nook and cranny of the conversation.  I know you normally play it cool, regardless, but you could overplay that as well. The best way to deal with a Mercury as “heated” as this one is to honor the person, but don’t get caught up in the issue. Sometimes people tend to collapse points of view with the person. Let a close one have their space and their opinion, but focus on your love for them first.

#MoneyMoves: Venus gets brand new in Cancer, your sign’s worker-bee/routine hangout area of the Zodiac Lounge.  You may find yourself thinking and talking a lot with co-workers or clients about the “health” of things.  You might even have your own personal health in mind.  It wouldn’t hurt to extra circumspect about all systems around you, but this is also where you could get particularly obsessive. (I know a good number of Aquarians who are germophobes.) You can manage and stave off the breakdown of systems or yourself only so much before you insulate yourself too much. Focus on balancing comfort with concern for the overall well-being of people and things.